Foxconn Made BlackBerry in the range of 200 U.S. Dollars

BlackBerry is preparing two low-cost Smartphone models to be released this year. Price tag in the range of 200 U.S. Dollars.

The information comes from a BlackBerry CEO, John Chen, who was quoted by CNET, Tuesday (07/01/2014) when speaking at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, USA.

The two phone calls a touchscreen -based model developed by Foxconn. Therefore, it is likely that they are not equipped with a QWERTY keyboard is typical BlackBerry.

In addition to the two Smartphone partnerships to Foxconn ‘s results, Chen also said that the BlackBerry is developing a high-end device it is designed in-house and has a keyboard.

” For emerging markets, Foxconn will play a bigger role. , But we will work on his own next flagship device, ” said Chen.

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Regarding cooperation with it from China’s largest manufacturer, Foxconn Chen explained that the design of mechanical handling devices, while BlackBerry will focus on developing software and some hardware.

Foxconn is expected to accelerate the work of the BlackBerry in terms of design and production tools, in addition to the cost savings.

Chen took over the leadership of CEO earlier BlackBerry, Thorsten Heins, in early November 2013. Two months later, Chen quietly stripped frills ” temporary “.

He states would remain with the company to secure the BlackBerry financially and strategically. That goal will be reached is called Chen in the next 18 months. BlackBerry itself has delayed the process of finding a new CEO until the time limit is not specified in order to stabilize the company.

Chen hopes BlackBerry cash flow will turn positive in the next four quarters, as well as re- gain profit in fiscal year 2016.

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