This App Helps You Spy on Boyfriend

According to a survey conducted by condom maker , Durex , Thailand topped the charts infidelity world , with more than half of respondents admitted to frequent affair Thailand . It certainly is not a need exalted reputation . Recognizing this phenomenon , a Thai company offering Smartphone app to track the activities of your spouse , which is named ThaiSpy.

ThaiSpy are monitoring tools for cloud – based mobile iOS , Android , and Blackberry that works is not detected , all data and voice recording , GPS location , use applications , and web activities.

One interesting feature is the ability to translate messages from the Thai-language chat applications such as Line , WhatsApp , WeChat and also Facebook , email and SMS in English . This feature is very important to know the meaning of slang , idioms , and abbreviations used . In addition , ThaiSpy also offers the ability to listen to long distance phone calls directly and also able to activate the device microphone to hear what is happening in the surrounding environment.

ThaiSpy available for download or as a pre – installed on Smartphones or tablets . This means you can order the phone from ThaiSpy which already contain the application and send it to your girlfriend as a ” gift “.

Currently , the site only provides price ThaiSpy pre – installed phone , which costs ranging from $ 349. In the near future , will offer downloadable ThaiSpy direct with prices ranging from U.S. $ 149 per year . ThaiSpy also plans to introduce a software option for monthly payment of about USD 30.

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