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Samsung ATIV Tab 7

Samsung ATIV Tab 7

As modern society will need electronic devices to support the daily needs cannot be separated. Entertainment needs , for example , there is a lot of tools to meet these needs such as gaming consoles , home theater , music player and so on . For other needs such as employment matters device used is different call it a PC , laptop or tablet.

Along with the development of technology , the evolution of the function continues to change as indicated by a unique gadget called Samsung Ativ Tab 7 & Samsung Ativ Tab 5. Yes, as a smart PC device is very multifunctional . How not ? All entertainment purposes and work can be done in this smart gadget.

When in the office functioned only this gadget be your reliable business partner . A large touch screen that makes you free to be creative with office tasks . Record all your daily activities such as making memos , meeting schedule , as well as ideas , enough to scratch your hands . The S – pen is very precision makes you feel writing on paper . Together Note features S – the set of documents and images with a choice of a variety of attractive templates far from being bored and all information must be neatly trimmed.

If you have trouble typing with the lot number with the touch -screen mode , just plug the Samsung Ativ Tab Tab 5 & Samsung Ativ 7ke keyboard dock and functioned like a laptop . Keys keyboard with full size size gives you comfort typing , even in large quantities though . Not only is it a keyboard dock that is used is very easy to be assembled .

For presentations or entertainment show just a more optimal visual Samsung Ativ Tab Tab 5 & Samsung Ativ 7di larger screen with features AllShare Play . You can view all the multimedia display , ranging from work documents , photos, videos , and games from Samsung Ativ tab 5 & Samsung Ativ Tab 7Anda . Finger multi -touch support up to 10 fingers provide high sensitivity . Scroll web pages , image rotates , pinch to zoom in and out or play games things easier.

Capture every moment with a camera to create high-quality photo , then edit using the camera app and create S – class professional photographers photograph . Lodging Samsung Ativ Tab 7 has features dual camera that allows you to take pictures of the front and rear.

This sophisticated device is not perfect if you do not use an operating system that is capable of supporting its performance . For that SamsungATIV 5 & Samsung Ativ Tab Tab 7 has equipped with Windows ® 8 operating systems . The operating system user is familiar with the PC , the applications in the Windows OS that you can find used or installed easily . This operating system is very adaptable , just select it wants to use the mouse and keyboard as a desktop or want to use more interactive using the touch screen , the OS will automatically adjust the interface for your convenience . Define your own convenience.

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