Facebook Will Show Ad Video

Facebook said it plans to display ads in a video format that appears in the news feed page . How it is considered more effective to reduce the budget than advertising on television .

Although not stated exactly when , stated that the social media giant video ads will begin appearing in the near future . Playback trials conducted ad this week by displaying the ads Divergent movie .

Facebook predictable manner chosen to compete with Google that displays video ads via YouTube. ( Read : Twitter Update Display Pictures and Video )

“Now, Facebook will become the main rival YouTube , ” said Forrester analyst agencies , Nate Elliot , who told USA Today , Wednesday, December 18, 2013 .

The emergence of advertising in news feed page do not necessarily get a positive response from Facebook users , albeit predictable profitable business . A user , Jason Damata , Facebook objected to the plan .

” I hate auto -play video ads , ” said Damata . He even said that if the video ads popping up , he no longer wanted to access Facebook .

Video ads can be predicted earned revenues between U.S. $ 1 and 2.5 million , or approximately USD 12-30 billion per day . The total value of television advertising in the United States is projected to reach U.S. $ 68.5 billion. Based on data from eMarketer , the total value of television advertising in the land of Uncle Sam this year reached U.S. $ 66.4 billion.

While digital advertising is expected to contribute up to 39.5 percent of the total value of the ad or U.S. $ 5.79 ( approximately U.S. $ 68.7 billion ) .

” Brand is not eagerly awaiting the appearance of ads on Facebook , ” said Susquehanna Financial Group analyst Brian Nowak .

The ads that appear on Facebook will automatically rotate on the news feed page . However , users do not need to worry because there are disturbed mute option . The ads will be present on Facebook are accessible either through the computer or through mobile devices .

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