Recommend Sony Mirrorless Camera ” Full Frame “

sony alpha a7 & a7rSony Alpha a7 and a7R

Rumors about the mirrorless cameras with full – frame sensor aka 35 mm film negative size ( 36 x 24 mm ) from Sony apparently true. The manufacturer has just introduced two models of mirrorless named Alpha a7 and a7R .

A quote from PetaPixel , the second appearance of this camera is not much different , both carry a DSLR with styling similar to ” hump ” contains the electronic viewfinder and outstanding grip . Both bodies made ​​of magnesium alloy metal and designed to be weather resistant .

Although not as short of Sony’s NEX series cameras ( mirrorless with APS – C sensors ) , the size of Alpha a7 and a7R still much smaller than full – frame DSLR camera is the smallest kind of Canon EOS 6D or Nikon D600 though .

The main difference between Alpha a7 and a7R are on the type of sensor used . Alpha a7 armed with 24 -megapixel sensor , while a7R has a 36 megapixel sensor with no anti – aliasing filter to maximize the sharpness of the image , similar to that used DSLR cameras Nikon D800E .

Interestingly , the Alpha a7 autofocus system was more sophisticated , with a Hybrid AF system with phase detect focal point 117 . On the other hand , Alpha a7R only rely on traditional contrast detect system .

Together with the two cameras , Sony also introduced a line of full – frame lens series called ” FE ” . Model – includes three lenses labeled ” Zeiss ” , ie 24 – 70mm F4 ( 1,200 U.S. dollars ) , 35mm f2.8 ( 800 U.S. dollars ) , and the 55mm F1.8 ( 1,000 U.S. dollars ) .

There is also a telephoto lens Sony 70 – 200mm F4 G Series OSS unknown price , and Sony 28 – 70mm F3.5 – 5.6 OSS is available as a kit lens .

full frame lense

Owner lens NEX ” E – mount ” could pair this lens on both cameras , but with cuts ( cropping ) and the photo resolution is reduced because the sensor size is larger than the area of ​​the projected image .

Alpha a7 and a7R scheduled to be available in December this year , each with a body only price of 1,700 and 2,300 U.S. dollars . Alpha a7 is also sold in a kit version with 28-70 F3.5 – 5.6 lens for $ 2,000 dollars .

In addition , on the same occasion , Sony is also initiating new camera ” super zoom ” Cybershot DSC – RX10 armed 20 -megapixel sensor measuring 1 inch pocket camera like yours RX100 Mark II . Mounted in front of the Carl Zeiss lens equivalent to 24 – 200mm F2.8 constant aperture . The camera is valued 1,300 U.S. dollars .

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