IT Outsourcing As One Of The Alternative Information Systems Development

Competition between companies in the business world make the company should concentrate on the creation of a series of processes or activities products and services related to its core competencies. With the concentration on the core competencies of the company, will produce a number of products and services have a quality that has a competitive edge in the market.

In a climate of increasingly fierce competition, companies are trying to reduce their production costs (cost of production). One solution is to outsource the system, where the system is expected to save the company in the financial expenditure of human resources (HR) working in the company concerned.

Outsourcing (Power Transfer) is defined as the transfer or delegation of some business processes to an agency service provider, where the service provider agency administration and management process based on the definitions and criteria that have been agreed upon by the parties. Outsourcing The term is also often referred to as contract labor system.

Outsourcing should not be considered a short-term basis only, using outsourcing companies would spend more as a management fee to the outsourcing company. Outsourcing should be considered a long term basis, ranging from career development, efficiency in the field of labor, organization, and other benefits. The company can focus on its core competencies in the business so it can compete in the market, where the company’s internal matters that are transferred to other parties supporting more professional. In practice, this transfer also raises some problems, especially the problem of employment.

Now this has become a popular term called IT outsourcing, IT outsourcing itself is not much different from the definition of outsourcing in general. IT outsourcing is the provision of professional experts in the field of information technology to support and provide solutions to improve enterprise performance. IT Outsourcing is an integrated service that is intended for companies / organizations / institutions in meeting the needs and management of information systems. Often a company having difficulty providing competent IT personnel in overcoming IT obstacles and day-to-day office operations.

Partner companies who use IT services outsourcing will get a total service to the entire needs of the utilization of Information Technology  from the planning  and  design  of  information   systems through  implementation  and maintenance. Only  in Software company in California, IT outsourcing services provider is providing services including support for hardware, software / applications, internet networks, wireless networks, local networks, web design, web base programming and web hosting.

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