Stolen, Sony Xperia Could Tracked and Formatted

sony xperia z ultra

Sony Experia Z Ultra

Sony has announced the global release is a feature called “My Xperia”. This feature is similar to the service “Find My Phone” made ​​by Apple that has a function to help users find a lost or stolen phone.

This service can be accessed through the website Quoted from Pocket-Lint, Sunday (07/07/2013), to login to the service, users simply using your Google account.

Through this site, addition can be used to find the location of mobile phones, users can also issue a notification sound on the phone, lock the phone, and remove internal and external data.

These services will be released to the Xperia device production in 2012 and 2013, which already uses the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or newer.

My Xperia services for the first time introduced in the early 2013′s. At that time, the new service can be enjoyed by users of Xperia Acro S is domiciled in Northern Europe.

Apple also offers the same services with My Xperia through the Find My Phone feature. In addition, there are also some applications that are in the App Store and Google Play Store is also offering a similar service. Some anti-virus software also has mobile capabilities that are not much different.

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