iPad Mini Keyboard from Logitech Priced U.S. $ 94.99

Logitech releases new product Ultrathin Keyboard Logitech ® Mini, a mini iPad key board protective cover that comes with the keyboard.

This keyboard is designed to maximize the experience of using the iPad. Logitech ® Keyboard Cover is marketed for U.S. $ 94.99 with choice of black and white.

Ultrathin Keyboard Logitech ® Mini helps users to perform various applications on the iPad mini as enjoy apps, movies and photos, as well as deliver a comfortable typing experience.

“We are very excited to bring the Logitech ® Keyboard Mini has won many awards and is recognized by the industry as the best mobile keyboard for the iPad,” said the Logitech Country Manager.

Logitech ® Keyboard Cover easily connect the iPad mini thanks to the availability of magnetic clip. Additionally Logitech ® Keyboard Cover protector mini uses a very lightweight aluminum.

Logitech ® Keyboard Cover EasyType mini features Bluetooth buttons and shortcut keys iPad Mini to run commands that are often used, such as copy, paste and other. Logitech ® Keyboard Cover mini also allows users to watch movies or videos without having to hold it with both hands.

Logitech ® Keyboard Cover mini has been equipped with features On / Off switch that makes the iPad mini can light up automatically when the cover is opened or enters standby mode when the cover is closed. Logitech ® Keyboard Cover comes with a mini battery lasting power

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