Intel Promises Produce Mobile and Tablet with Cheap Price



After a sluggish affected the PC industry, Intel shifts focus to fast-growing segment of the gadget.

At conference after the release of second-quarter financial report last week, Intel CEO Brian Kraznich also stated that the company Atom processor line was going to be positioned parallel to the series processors Intel Core is a mainstay in the PC segment.

“We would strongly urge Atom chip,” said Kraznich, as quoted by CNET. One of the efforts of Intel is pushing prices of mobile devices that use these processors.

Atom chips first product to be released under the new leadership-Kraznich 2 months served as CEO of Intel-is “Bay Trail”. These chips are called will make mobile devices based on Intel more competitive in the market.

“We believe that the Bay Trail will bring high performance and battery life to the high price segment has not been so touched by Intel at this time,” said Kraznich.

According to him, laptops and computers “2-in-1″ with a touchscreen, powered Bay Trail Atom chip will be priced at 400 U.S. dollars, or approximately USD 4 million. In some cases, the price could even touch the range of 300 dollars.

Meanwhile, tablets with Intel processors is said to be priced at 200 U.S. dollars, or even 150 U.S. dollars. “As we move toward the next year, prices will continue to fall,” said Kraznich.

Problem belonging x86 Atom architecture, Kraznich said that the company was still crafted product has its own charm in the eyes of consumers than the ARM architecture that is more widely used in mobile gadgets.

“I think the consumer will receive (Atom processor),” Kraznich said as quoted by The Verge. “The x86 architecture can run Android and Windows.’s An advantage for our OEMs. They could make a product and use both operating systems.”

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