Cause of Death Stewardess When Using the iPhone, Start Revealed

Ma Ailun the cause of death (23 years) from Xinjiang, China, which was electrocuted when making phone calls of iPhone 5 is charge the battery began to unfold. Allegedly, Ma Ailun using a charger that was not made by Apple.

According to China’s telecom experts, Xiang Ligang, she might wear a replica, not the original from Apple.

“Artificial fillers sometimes be a shortcut. The capacitor and the quality of the protective circuit may not be appropriate, and this may cause the capacitor strike and sends a 220 volt battery directly to the phone,” said Ligang when the media interviewed CCTV.

Ma  Ailun, a China Southern Airlines flight attendant, died in his home on July 11, 2013. Earlier reports said Ma Ailun used  the iPhone 5. However, the results of the investigation said that the mobile phone is used is the iPhone 4 because the sides are made of stainless steel.

Another possibility, according to Ligang, a battery charger is used does not meet the standard electrical voltage in China. It may be that the device is intended for users in Hong Kong, Taiwan, or Japan.

“Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan, all using 110 volt electrical voltage. Meanwhile, Mainland China uses 220 volts. If a battery charger is made only to accommodate 110 volts, it will cause damage or excess burden,” he added.

Ligang argues, electric current from a battery charger devices overload will make the phone so hot. This can damage the circuit on the inside and cause the device cannot be used.

In the case of Ma Ailun, iPhone 4 so that the evidence can still be operated normally despite the burns on the back and sides. Meanwhile, other evidence such as a USB data cable and the charger is still intact.

So far the police are still investigating. Apple spokesman has expressed his condolences. Company promised to investigate the case and to cooperate with the local police.

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