WhatsApp Founder Commentary For Indonesian People

In the midst of the growing number of users and volume WhatsApp messages processed per day, the instant messaging service looked to Indonesia as one of the most important markets in terms of size and growth.

“(Indonesia) in the top five highest-growth regions,” writes the founder of WhatsApp, Brian Acton, in email correspondence with the Jakarta Post.

Acton added that WhatsApp has become one of the most popular applications among mobile user’s country. “WhatsApp is the number one paid app on the iPhone as well as the number two in the category of free apps on Android and BlackBerry.”

The high rates of use WhatsApp in Indonesia, according to a spokesman Neeraj Arora, is because people “love to chat than in other countries”. “This application is used many times every day,” said Arora.

Although declining to reveal the number of messages processed WhatsApp users in Indonesia, Arora said that Indonesia is one of the most active markets in the IM region.

WhatsApp in recent years continued to experience growth in terms of number of users and the volume of messages processed. The company last week announced it has 250 million users and process 27 billion messages per day globally.

Remain free

Despite now facing competition from providers of similar services such as WeChat, Line, and Kakao Talk, Arora said, WhatsApp will remain exempt services in Android and BlackBerry platforms.

“We want to wait until there is an adequate payment infrastructure, either through carrier billing mechanism (cut pulse) or a credit card before charging fees,” added Arora.

Facing competitors are aggressively promoting in Indonesia, WhatsApp states would respond to “improve the speed, reliability, and feature richness” of its services.

Along with the growth of Smartphones are expected to reach 42 percent of the overall mobile phone market in Indonesia in 2016, projected figures WhatsApp application usage will continue to get pushed.

The company also plans to continue to collaborate with mobile operators in Indonesia to provide a data package which includes the use of WhatsApp.

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