Sony RX100 Equipped with Flexible Screen?

 sony rx100
Alloy 20 megapixel sensor measuring 1 inch, with a wide aperture zoom lens, and a petite body makes high-end compact cameras from Sony RX100 popular among users, this camera was even referred to as “one of the best inventions in 2012″ by Time magazine.

Well, no longer, successors RX100 namely  RX100 Mk. II-reportedly will be launched on 27 June.

Not only that, the leaked sheet manual RX100 Mk.II cited by PetaPixel also shows that this camera will also come with a flexible LCD screen and hitch to attach an external flash unit.

Both of these features are absent in the RX100 which was introduced last summer. Reportedly also, this pocket camera will have WiFi connectivity which later became a trend in the world of digital photography.


The sensor and lens used RX100 Mk.II called will not change from its predecessor. Sony is allegedly going to continue to use 20 megapixel image capture and Carl Zeiss lens with the widest aperture of f/1.8.

Another feature that will reportedly also carried  RX100 Mk.II includes a light sensor that is able to dim or increase the screen brightness depending on the surrounding circumstances.

Together with RX100 Mk.II, Sony also announced the successor plan called RX1 compact camera that has a full-frame sensor. Price and availability information both cameras are still unknown.

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