Windows Server Push Web Performance Up to 90 Percent

windows server 2012
Trend to design their own T-shirts in the online store more popular among young people in the world. But for a startup company that’s growing rapidly, the management and administration of websites and servers spending time, cost and effort.

To overcome these obstacles, our startup company switched from Windows to Ubuntu Linux Server, with cloud-based hosting.

With a platform and infrastructure provided by Microsoft as a cloud-based service, then the needed services can be customized to the needs and development of the business.

Our corporate migration to Windows Server platform that in just two weeks, can reduce treatment time by up to 75 percent and significantly improve website performance. The time saved can be used by the staff to develop a variety of new features that our company is growing rapidly and is now able to serve customers locally and from abroad.

In addition to the savings, we also need to improve their performance. Because each file uploaded design average-sized 200 kB, our website is often slow. In e-commerce, website visitors experience a slow means bad, and the chances of the transaction to be lost.

Customers can instantly feel the improvement as we move on to Windows Server. Our site to be much faster, with an average open pages 200-300 milliseconds faster at 768 Mbps connections. Even customers with slow connections can feel a pleasant experience.

In addition, because the Windows platform supports a variety of open source-based software, including Microsoft technology, we get full freedom to make it always developing new and dynamic.

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