iPhone 5 Exploded in Bangkok

iPhone Case explode or burn back occurs again. This time the burst was the latest iPhone, the iPhone 5 and occurred in the city of Bangkok, Thailand.

This incident experienced by a businessman named Suwicha Uasomsaksakul, last March. He reported the iPhone 5 is suddenly exploding when used calling for about 30 seconds.

Before it explodes, he feels hotter than normal phone and then seen the smoke. Feel no incongruity was, he immediately threw a new iPhone to the floor and then explode, four times.

After the burst, the iPhone is pretty badly damaged. He also reported the incident to local police officers.

This case immediately got the attention of Thai telecom authorities. National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) Thailand took the initiative to investigate the case.

Investigation conducted for approximately two months and the results have been announced. NBTC secretary, Takom Tantasit stated, the explosion of the iPhone 5 is due to a short circuit.

Possibility bolts installed, pierce the battery. This makes the device exploded, “he said as quoted by the Bangkok Post, Wednesday (15/05/2013).

According Takom, bolt pentagram (five-pointed star-shaped) that is not in accordance with factory standards. Researchers concluded that the back cover has been opened or replaced by a third party, using a non-standard Apple.

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