Why Paper is Still Relevant

When computers first arrived in homes and businesses across the US, everyone thought it signaled the demise of paper. However, even in the age of cloud file storage and email, paper is still just as relevant now as it ever was. How?

  • Paper is more personal than email – The reason businesses such as Printing for Less are still booming is because people simply like getting written communication. Wedding invitations, baby announcements, birthday parties, graduation announcements – all these somehow lose something when relegated to ecard form. Imagine trying to spritz perfume on a love letter sent via email. It’s just not the same. Paper will last when emails are deleted or forgotten.
  • Paper is more permanent – Speaking of getting deleted, while it’s fantastic that thousands of pages of financial or medical documents can be stored electronically, what happens when you need access to those documents? Hard drives crash and computers get hacked. If you have paper copies of your documents, you’ll always know exactly where they are and you’ll never have to worry about them getting accidentally erased or deleted. You also won’t have to worry about someone hacking into your living room and stealing your files.
  • Paper is better for the environment – That’s right. Paper is a renewable, recyclable resource. Electronics, not so much. Paper can be easily reused and kept out of landfills. Paper also is much more environmentally friendly to make than electronics. Computers are costly and difficult to recycle, requiring specialized protocols – not to mention special care to destroy any data that might be left behind.
  • Paper is better for learning – In today’s busy world, so many things are competing for our attention. How easy is it to tab over to a social media site or browse the web instead of focusing on the task or lesson at hand? Paper makes it easier to focus, especially for young children.

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