Microsoft Restore “Taste of Origin” in Windows 8.1



Windows 8.1 (The Verge)

Windows 8 brings a number of radical changes to the Microsoft operating system series that looks relatively unchanged over the years. The most controversial is the “Start” button is cut off and replaced by a “Start Screen” new.

Perhaps because of the changes it was less favored users, Microsoft is rumored to be returning the display “original taste”, which is traditionally the Start button, the “Windows Blue” which will be the successor to Windows 8.

In addition, the “tastes origin” that will be returned to Microsoft, the “boot-to-desktop”. As quoted from ZDNet and The Verge, Microsoft is allegedly going to offer computer boot directly into the Windows desktop environment, without having to go through the Start Screen first.

An option that was reportedly going to be the user’s default option. Booting to the Start Screen in Windows 8 as can be selected if desired.

It was first disclosed by Microsoft portal site (via after the trace file that the operating system will reportedly have the official name of Windows 8.1.

Regarding the possibility of the return of the Start button is present, an anonymous source said that Microsoft is considering it as an option that can be selected in Windows 8.1.

The source also stated that everything is uncertain and may change before Windows 8.1 was released. The expected version release to manufacturing (RTM) of the operating system is going to come ready in August 2013.

Before that, Windows 8 users who missed the old look of the previous OS can use third party software like Start8 and Classic Shell to restore the classic Start button.

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