Alien Mini Turns ‘Man’?

atacama humanoid
Puzzle ‘alien mini’ size six inches were found ten years ago, began to unfold. The scientists in the latest confirmation declared these creatures are ‘human’.

Reported by the Daily Mail, the confirmation was announced by Stanford scientists, through a new documentary titled “Sirius.”

“After six months of study at Stanford University, the creature is a mystery,” says physicist Dr. Steven Greer, who is also the founder of the Disclosure Project.

However, according to Garry Nolan, Director of Stem Cell Biology at Stanford University’s School of Medicine in California, USA, after a series of X-rays and genetic tests in Barcelona, Spain, in September 2012, his DNA results indicate that these are human beings.

“I can say with absolute certainty that it was not a monkey. This is human – closer to humans than chimpanzees,” he said.

Creatures that have Latin names ‘Atacama Humanoid’ and the nickname ‘Ata’ note was first discovered in the Atacama desert Desert, Chile, in 2003. Since its invention, the speculation has begun rolling.

Some theory is that the creature is a human or a monkey fetus aborted, even aliens that fall from the aircraft.

The alien was first discovered by Oscar Munoz in the town of La Noria, Atacama desert, Chile, on October 19, 2003.

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