2015, Netbook Will Extinct


Netbook laptops had become the star in 2008 ago, because the shape of small, lightweight, and affordable prices. But he just finished a computer device that will take the human transition to post-PC era.

Netbooks will become extinct in the year 2015, at least this is the prediction from IHS iSuppli research institute. As quoted from ZDNet, Friday (04/12/2013), this is based on the support they have discontinued some of the netbook computer manufacturers.

Signs visible extinction netbook looks from 2013. According to iSuppli, global netbook shipments in 2013 will only reach 3.97 million units. This figure is down 72 percent from 14.13 million total shipments in 2012.

iSuppli notes, highest shipping netbook occurred in 2010 reached 32.14 million units worldwide.

In 2014, according to iSuppli, netbook shipments will only be 264,000 unit rate. This could be the last netbook shipments, prior to extinction or no delivery at all in 2015.

“From the end of the production supply, computer component manufacturers would stop production of netbooks at this time. Whatever production is still done expected to be limited, or manufacturers will only do the final delivery to meet contractual obligations to customers,” iSuppli wrote in a report.
Netbook is not a portable computer products that have great power because of limited computational performance. Forms a portable tablet that has been defeated by the support of human mobility.

Computer maker Dell from the United States, was first declared themselves to stop producing netbooks in December 2011. Dell steps followed other manufacturers, such as Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, and Hewlett Packard (HP).

Three major players from Taiwan netbook, namely Asus, Acer and MSI, will also stop the production of netbooks.

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