Researchers Develop Computer Anti ‘Crash’

The researchers from University College London (UCL) are looking for a solution to avoid the computer system of the problem or crash / hang, commonly known as the “blue screen” .

The current computer system is used to work with interesting procedural data from memory, then the data is processed, and the results will be returned to memory. This process usually occurs in a fixed order.

Well, if the process is disrupted, the computer system will typically experience a crash or freeze. These conditions resulted in the computer cannot be used for a while, until the user resets the system.

This can be very annoying, especially when the user is in the middle of an important job. All the data that is being worked on and has not been saved, it goes away.

To solve this crash problem for ever, UCL researchers are designing a computer system with a new procedure.

Quoted from Techspot, Tuesday (19/02/2013), in the new procedures, data and instruction replicated (mirrored) to several different systems. Such systems work simultaneously and independently. The only thing they share with all other systems are part of the sensitive data memory.

If there is a system crash, a computer system capable of instantly rebuild the required data from other systems using sensitive data is replicated. It is said, the system will execute this in a random sequence using pseudorandom numbers that acts as a regulator of the task.

Until now, the rumored performance of the system is not too good, but there are still some things that could be improved in order to achieve the goal UCL researchers, the computer anti-crash.

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