Google Keep, Application Challenger Evernote

Google officially announced Google notes app Keep, on Wednesday (20/03/2013). This application will be integrated with Google’s cloud computing service drive so that the data is stored safely and synchronized to all devices.

Keep Google is now only available for Android devices and personal computers that access through the web site to, but not yet available for iOS and Windows Phone devices.

Keep Google position itself as a challenger to Evernote, which put the motto “app to remember everything.” Both are useful as a substitute for a physical notebook that you usually take it to anywhere.

You can type anything in Google’s Keep. Using a different color as a marker for each note, archive, or delete records that are not needed anymore. Keep Google also provides a transcription tool, which converts voice into text memo.

In the smart phone or tablet Android, Google Keep only supports devices using Android version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or above. In the next few weeks, you can access Google Keep from Google’s cloud computing services Drive.

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