Game Legendary Ultima Will Born Again?

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A game called Shroud of the Avatar filed in crowdfunding site Kickstarter to get funding of 1 million dollars from the prospective supporters. What makes it special is the people behind him, Richard Garriott, creator of Ultima RPG series were aged 20 years or more.

From the Kickstarter page, not much information can be retrieved. Role playing game genre is going to be set in a world that can be explored alone offline or online with other players connected to the internet.

The game is being developed Portalarium is claimed will return players to the RPG genre is now getting away from the aspect of depth and involvement of players. Richard Garriott developed mentions that the game will invite players to explore the story focus and make decisions rather than practice in order to become stronger or the term “grinding”.

Like the Ultima series, Garriott promising new game is going to have a profound fictional world, has its own culture and even language. The approach is what makes the Ultima series to attract millions of players.

In the game Shroud of the Avatar, Garriott is freeing players to live and interact. They could have ventured out to find a treasure but there is also the option to stay at home and explore one of the features of the game such as crafting professions. In other words, they can become virtual crafters.

Players can also have a home in this game. Garriott has prepared a scheme of tax to be paid on a regular basis to stay. What determines the amount of taxes, such as rural areas is lower than in urban areas.

In an interview with gaming site Kotaku, Garriott explained that his team is a combination of the old team while working on Ultima, most are experienced experts make a first class game, and the rest is a young talent who has never played Ultima before. The combination is expected to generate a fresh work.

With the remaining 28 days, the project Shroud of the Avatar through Sunday (10/3), has been gathering support for up to 607,390 dollars from 9683 backers. Six people accounted for more than 10,000 U.S. dollars, 20 people supported over 3,000 U.S. dollars, and at most as many as 2643 people who donate above 30 dollars.


Richard Garriott’s reputation as creator of the RPG game began in 1980 when he was offered the game “Akalabeth” for Apple computers. Games are offered in conventional, made his own cover and put in an airtight plastic such as food wrappers commonly encountered. Unexpectedly, the product ogled publishers and generate sales of up to 30,000 pieces.

The story is a forerunner in developing Garriott Ultima RPG series. In the first series in 1981. Throughout the nine series, the first three series set in a world called Sosaria while five series in the world named Britannia, and one more series in the Guardian.

Ultima series puts the player as a person who comes from the real world into the world of fiction to help Lord British in dealing with the problems encountered. In the first series, he had to deal with mundane, son witch’s revenge for being defeated Lord British. The second series, mondain lover named Minax coming revenge, while the third series the player must face the Exodus, a creature born of mondain and Minax.

In the fourth series, the player is introduced to the world called Britannia. Lord British is now the king and he was again summoned the players to come and be a role model in carrying value of virtue. After reaching the perfection of all virtues, the player assigned to find the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom that he later titled Avatar, the Awatara. The degree is what continues to cling to the series of nine.

In the last series, Ascension is released in 1999, the avatar back to the Britannia to face enemies named Guardian that nothing but the dark side of the avatar itself. The guardian has existed since the seventh Ultima series.

The central character besides protagonists, namely Lord British, none other than the personification of Richard Garriott himself. He acted as an advisor and a key figure in the course of the story Ultima series.

After the ninth series, this series never tested MMORPG genre with Ultima Online in 1997 and running until now.

Unfortunately, a Garriott dispute with publisher Electronic Arts made the development of this series stagnates. Ownership rights to the characters either by Garriott separately or EA made the development of a sequel to Ultima impossible. One of the EA project titled “Forever Ultima: Quest for the Avatar” shift the character Lord British into British Lady.

Thus, the Shroud of the Avatar Garriott developed through his studio, Portalarium is expected to restore the glory of the Ultima series, though with a new face, a new world and a new story. Has not been ascertained whether the character Lord British will re-appear.

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