Digital Adventurers, Traveled Up To Money While

For many people this may be the perfect combination could travel to parts of the world, but at the same time is not afraid of running out of money. This is what is now run by the so-called digital adventurer (digital nomads) because of the availability of inexpensive Internet facilities such as wifi wherever you are. site featuring three Australians who managed to combine the pleasure they traveled up and on the sidelines were still working to make money. James Clark, Clark Site Builder who still calls Melbourne as the city of origin, describes itself as “an independent entrepreneur without a location.”

Traveled up his hobby began when he moved to England in 1999 after obtaining a work visa for two years. Since then, his desire traveled up coincided with the proliferation of internet technologies. “That’s when I realized that I really like the internet, and liked traveled up, and decided to put it together,” says Clark (41) in an interview via Skype from Singapore.

After a UK visa runs out, Clark moved to Dublin (Ireland) where he plans to create a business that allows still make the trip. Find time job, Clark learned how to make websites in night school. In 2001, he made international travel and in 2003, formed the business called Urban Nomad. Now Clark spent 6 months in St Kilda Melbourne, and the rest to go.

Since 2010, he has no fixed address. Most business centers in Australia, and she offers web design, e-marketing and search engine optimization internet.

According to Clark, the majority of business comes from word of mouth or information through its website: Nomadic Notes. According to Clark, he got a comment that “pulls” from his friends about the business model being operated. “I never met a friend, and he said” Well you are now so wandering aimlessly? “. However this is actually a real business. I’m sure I spend more time working than my friends.” Clark added.

Meanwhile, food blogger Ettenberg (33) were born in Canada was initially planning on just taking a year off from a job as a lawyer in New York to travel. But a year later changed in five years, because the journey Legal Nomads blog gets a lot of visits. My job turned into a freelance writer and photographer, gave lectures, wrote books and became a social media consultant.

“During the first two years, I did use my savings. Creating your own blog, and I do not use the facilities at WordPress,” says Ettenberg. Visit her site now gets about 150 thousand times per month. She had never been to South America, Russia, and Mongolia, and is currently spending four months working and living in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam).

“Not really just because I’m posting pictures of soup every time, I mean it does not work.” Ettenberg said. “I’m doing business, and I’m proud of that.” Ettenberg said he was rarely lonely because often met with other digital adventurers, and regularly returned home. “I do not plan to be adventurous digitally. But I stopped not because of boredom working in an office, but what I find now something new and fun.” he added.

Colin Burns, Internet Developer Venturing alone is probably easy to do, what if there is a wife and children? That’s what Colin Burns, and his wife Tracy, who left Brisbane in January 2010 with his son Noah (now 7) and Hayley (5). Burns sold his web design business to another company, where he later became one of his staff. But he soon realized he did not like it. The day after he quit, Burns was awarded a contract to make the web a $ 25 thousand dollars (approximately USD 250 million).

“This makes us think that we do not have to be in Australia to do work like this.” said Burns, who really want to spend more time with his children.

“We knew that it would be difficult to take care of the kids, but at home or traveling, the difficulty is the same.” In the first year, the Burns family was traveling backpacker models. While Tracy taught his own children, Colin worked for klien in web designing in Australia. Most of their time is spent in Asia, where the cost of living is cheap and Wifi available everywhere.

“Wherever there is wifi in Asia right now, but if the most remote islands in Thailand we will be in trouble.” In July, after 3 years of adventuring, Burns and his family decided to settle in Queenstown (New Zealand).
“It seemed for a while is enough. Kids feel tired, Tracy, too.”

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