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The developers Ouya, the Android-based game console, announced that it will immediately send the console to the contributor or backers from the Kickstarter crowdfunding session in March 2013.

Initially the developer does not have sufficient funds to develop and produce Ouya. Therefore, they took the initiative to incorporate the project into venture funding site Kickstarter.

Just to set a target of 850 000 U.S. dollars, the target is beyond the conjecture can be directly fulfilled in just eight hours since the session started a donation, and the numbers continue to soar until stopped at 8,596,475 dollars. In total, about 68,000 backers who donated money in different nominal.

Well, instead of the donation, the respective backers promised a Ouya device when it is finished manufactured product.
Excerpted from The Next Web, Wednesday (06/02/2013), in addition to funding this session, the Ouya has opened the pre-orders for the device through a couple of the sellers online, such as Amazon and Gamestop.

Through these online shops, Ouya console priced at 99 dollars and a controller sells for 49 dollars. Both will be sent to buyers from April 2013.

Ouya itself will be present in stores starting in June 2013.
Ouya console is intended to play a game that is usually available for Android Smartphones and tablets.

One of the goals of the project’s main promoter, Julie Uhrman, is bringing the fun of video games from the palm of the hand back into the living room. That is, the owner Ouya can play Android games on a television screen complete with controllers like the other consoles.

Throughout the Kickstarter project progresses, many parties have expressed interest in developing a special game Ouya. Call it the Square Enix claiming prepared ported their games, Final Fantasy III, the proper version is played on a television screen.

In addition, Namco Bandai, Tekken fighting game franchise owner, to race Ridge Racer, also expressed its commitment to this market segment.

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