3 Business Advice From The CEO Of Google

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Google is one example of a successful company thanks to constant innovation. Starting from a search engine, the company founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin has now created a variety of applications and services as well as dominate the Internet.

There are some quirky habits developed by Google to foster a culture of innovation and creativity in business. One is the weekly meetings. Some Google employees from around the world are free to question Google executives, both directly and via email.

The employee may also criticize or express their ideas to the leaders of the company.

In an interview conducted by Wired.com, Google CEO, Larry Page, the company delivered some successful tips in business. Here are some very interesting advice.

1. Do the things that are “crazy”

Many large companies become complacent and forget to innovate. This was avoided by Google to foster a culture of innovation in the company. Every employee in the company is required to “Think Big”, think and do things that are not normal.

Since childhood, Page dreamed of becoming an inventor. He does not just want to be able to create great products, but also want to change the world. The dream was still alive until now and he embodied with Google.

For Page, the satisfaction is when he and his team can develop innovative 10 times they had developed previously. So, I wonder if innovation at the core of Google’s business. Look Gmail email service that offers storage capacity 100 times greater than the capacity provided by other email services.

Google has also created a variety of language interpreter services and childbirth Google Maps and Google Drive, data storage services based on cloud computing technology. In addition, there is YouTube, Android, and Chrome is interesting and have been used by many people.

Google even said to build a project and a special lab called Google X. Various facilities in the Google X lab is to support research Google to create diverse future technology, such as a car that can run itself and glasses-based Augmented Reality technology.

“If you do not do anything crazy, you’re doing things wrong,” said Page. As CEO, he always encourages his team to innovate.

2. Innovation should be followed by commercialization

Successful innovation must be followed by commercialization. Page exemplifies Xerox PARC, a subsidiary of Xerox Corp., which was founded in 1970. Xerox PARC is famous for its many innovations in the field of technology and hardware. Some innovation plays an important role in the world of modern computing, including, Ethernet, graphical user interface (GUI), and laser printing technologies.

“However, they do not focus on commercialization,” said Larry. That’s what makes Xerox PARC failed.

Larry gives another example, the Tesla. Tesla is one of the companies that he admired, who developed an innovative car. However, the company founded by Nikola Tesla spent 99 percent of its efforts to develop products that people liked. That is why Tesla eventually falls.

Xerox PARC and Tesla failed because it focused on innovation. Every company needs two things to be successful, the innovation and commercialization.

3. Do not focus on competition

Google is different from other technology companies. We focus on developing products and services, rather than focus on the competition.

“What’s interesting work if the best thing we can do is beat the other companies doing the same thing to us? That makes a lot of companies fall slowly. They tend to do the same as they once did and made some minor changes , “Page said.

According to Page, it is natural that many people want to do things that they believe will not fail. However, to be successful, technology companies need to make a major change.

When released Gmail, for example, Google is still a mere search engine company. Creating a web-based email service is a major leap forward for Google, let alone dare Gmail email providing storage capacity is very large when compared to similar service providers at the time.

At the time of developing Gmail, there were some other companies that have the search engines. Gmail will not exist if I just focus to compete with those companies. We chose to focus on developing products and services.

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