Wikivoyage, Site Travel Guide From Wikipedia

Marking the anniversary of the 12th, launched a Wikimedia Foundation site tour guide named Wikivoyage.

This site contains about 50,000 articles written collaboratively by volunteers. A total of 200-an editor who also volunteers to edit the writings on Wikivoyage.

Address at, Wikivoyage Project was first started in 2006 under the name of Wikitravel. This site operates under the parent company Internet Brands until last year migrated to the Wikimedia servers.

Before officially available, Wikivoyage was in beta for a few months.

“The purpose Wikivoyage Association is to promote education and knowledge of all the countries and regions d world, also to encourage mutual understanding among nations,” said chairman Stefan Fussan Wikivoyage Association, as quoted from

Wikimedia Foundation executive director Sue Gardner said that there has been an enormous demand for travel information, but the source of non-commercially available is very small. Director Wikivoyage said it will change all the information.

Wikivoyage Content is currently available in nine languages​​, namely English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.

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