This year, Samsung Launches Smartphone Tizen

Samsung will be the first manufacturer to sell a smartphone with an operating system Tizen with Japanese operator NTT DoCoMo and other partners this year

As quoted from (2/1), Samsung, NTT DoCoMo, and their partners hope to build a platform that will compete with major operating systems from Apple and Google.

Other operators, such as the UK’s Vodafone and France Telecom is interested in Tizen.

Tizen is a Linux-based OS that comes from the death of MeeGo. Intel initially worked with Nokia on MeeGo, but Samsung took over development of the operating system, which is also overseen by the Linux Foundation.

Various companies involved with Tizen see this platform as a potential alternative to Android and iOS.

In addition to smartphones, Tizen can also be used for other devices, including televisions and tablets. Samsung has added a platform to quickly be able to run applications on devices such as televisions.

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