Prohibited Use Facebook, Zachary Marks Making Social Media Sites Is GromSocial

A boy of 11 years in Florida, the United States, launched its own social media made specifically for children. This was done because he was banned parents use Facebook, which is actually for adults.

As reported by Live Science, Zachary Marks, laid by falsifying his age to join Facebook. He said spending all his time in front of a computer chatting with friends.

Then there is an adult friend who did not know making a post that is not appropriate and he responded with a similar sentence. When my father, look at my Facebook containing obscenities. He was really angry and told me to deactivate your Facebook account, “said Zachary Marks.

Finally he’s got an idea to create a social media itself, specifically for children his age. Assisted by his brothers eventually make the technology savvy social media itself named Grom means cyberspace surfers are young adults.

Zach’s father, Darren Marks, founder of energy drinks and food in Florida immediately saw great potential of the site. He then registers it officially in March.

Barely three months after its launch, GromSocial has 6800 members worldwide. This site itself has 2,000 unique visitors per day and about 6,000 page views. Darren and his wife, Sarah, let the children served at the side of creativity. Be GromSocial site full of color and decorated with cartoon characters.

Security Prima

To maintain the security of its users are still a child, his parents agreed GromSocial require children to join. Parents can monitor their children’s online activities through regular email sent from this site.

In addition, these social media sites have filters that keep the language of words that are not polite. GromSocial also meets the requirements of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), which is an Act to keep children in the online world.
Under the supervision of COPPA, websites, applications, and plug-in, which is in GromSocial not be used by children younger than 13 years and without approval their parents.

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Foursquare, also prohibits members who are still under the age of 13 years.

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