Gorilla Glass 3 Present More Mighty

Corning, the manufacturer of unbreakable screens for mobile devices, will showcase the third generation of Gorilla Glass at CES 2013 in Las Vegas, from 8 to 11 January.

With coated with Gorilla Glass screen, smartphone screens are guaranteed resistant to impact / friction and unbreakable. Users of this technology is also no need to coat the screen with anti-scratch coating.

Corning ensures new products much more powerful than the previous generation. Thanks to technology that Corning calls “Native Damage Resistance”, the product is able to withstand scratches 50 percent stronger.

In addition, Corning claims the technology can create scratches that occur on the screen, 40 percent less will be seen by the naked eye.

Until last November, Corning claims to have successfully sold products Gorilla Glass as much as 1 billion units. This product has been arming more than 975 devices, including smartphones, tablets, notebooks and TVs.

Then, at CES 2013, whether there is a product that comes with Gorilla Glass 3?

“You will see the announcement of a new product (with Gorilla Glass 3) months after the CES,” said David Velasques, Gorilla Glass Director of Marketing and Commercial Operations, as quoted by CNET, Saturday (05/01/2013).

“There is no new product that uses Gorilla Glass at CES, but the product is being tested Corning by our customers, before finally ordered,” said Velasques.

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