Game Temple Run 2, Beat Angry Birds

Games run without end Temple Run 2 become famous iOS devices. On the first day alone, Temple Run 2 downloaded six million times on Apple’s App Store. Later in the four days since its release has received 20 million downloads.

This news certainly makes the game developer Imangi Studios proudly made ​​sequel Temple Run. Games they currently hold the title of best-selling game Angry Birds beat and digital map application Google Maps on iOS.

Rovio made ​​Angry Birds game downloaded 10 million times in three days from the application store Android Market Store and Apple App Store. For the category of applications, Google Maps for iOS downloaded 10 million times in 2 days.

If you later Temple Run 2 is available on Android, you can bet Temple Run 2 further strengthens his title as the best-selling game.


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Imangi Studios proves that free games can succeed. They then seek financial gain by applying the purchase method in the application (in-app purchase). If the player is Temple Run like to have more gold coins, it can pay anywhere from 1 dollar to 19 dollars American.

Imangi Studios come from Washington, United States. The company was established by husband and wife Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova in 2008. Kiril Tchangov then joined the company in 2009 for the care of the graphics.

A Temple Run sequel was released in 2011, and has now been downloaded more than 170 million times on Apple’s App Store, Google Play Store, and the Amazon app store.

Successful sequels followed with the release of their first Temple Run Brave. This game is the result of collaboration with Disney and Pixar multimedia company, which adopted the story of the animated film “Brave” where the main character is Princess Merida. In a forest in Scotland, Merida must avoid the pursuit of a giant bear named Mordu.

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