BlackBerry 10 Pitted with the iPhone 5, Who’s Winning?

The device with the new BlackBerry 10 operating system will be officially unveiled by RIM on Jan. 30. However, some parties have received over 10 such earlier BlackBerry phones.

One of the fortunate ones has tested 10 variants of the BlackBerry phones, BlackBerry Z10 are the German media, TelekomPresse.

BlackBerry Z10 which is a variant of BB10 with full-touchscreen display, the media, try to compare with the iPhone 5.

Video comparison was also uploaded on YouTube. The looks of the video, the physical design of the BlackBerry Z10 glance very similar to the iPhone 5. However, hardware specifications that carried them far apart.

BlackBerry Z10 has the size and density of the larger screen of the iPhone 5, versus 4.2-inch and 4-inch 356ppi and 326ppi. The capacity of the batteries used BlackBerry Z10 was larger than the iPhone 5, 1800mAh versus 1440mAh.

For the two components, BlackBerry Z10 came out ahead of the iPhone 5.

Further features of the command to fight. If Apple has Siri voice command feature, the BlackBerry 10 has a similar feature called BlackBerry Voice Control.

Features voice commands which one is better? The results were quite surprising. Video shows BlackBerry Voice Control works more hurried than Siri, when commanded to write and send a message.

BlackBerry Z10 again excelled when pitted in a web page. iPhone 5 with its mobile Safari browser turns out less quickly than the BlackBerry Browser on the Z10.

Comparison of speed “browsing” between the two ever made ​​another tech site, the results are winning BlackBerry 10.

What are the advantages over a revival signal BlackBerry 10?

Superior in some testing on the BlackBerry device is not yet concluded 10 better than iPhone 5. However, it at least can demonstrate that many doubted BlackBerry 10 users.

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