Sudden Death Problem On Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy III

Syndrome “sudden death” amid override a smartphone Samsung Galaxy S III belongs to Reddit readers and members of the XDA Developers forum. They reported that the Smartphone had suddenly died for no apparent reason.

Symptoms, Galaxy S III belongs to disadvantaged users it crashes and will not reboot. Interestingly, cases of “sudden death” this happened over a period of 150 days to 200 days after activation.

In response to the case, reportedly Samsung Galaxy S III immediately replaces the crashed under warranty without question. Even if the Smartphone in question has been rooted and fitted with unofficial firmware, Samsung still allows swap.

Regarding the cause of this mysterious illness, there is speculation that the NAND flash memory on the Galaxy S III become so corrupt that derail the entire system. The extent of the distribution of such cases remains unclear.

Samsung itself is rumored to have known the exact cause of this problem, but until now still not give an official response.

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