5 Application Video Player for Android

Default video player application on Android is one thing that has not been taken seriously by Google. He could not be relied upon to play the share video format.

For this reason, it took another video player application that Android devices can play various files. However, it all comes back to the components of embedded processor on the device used. The single – core processor with the ARMv6 architecture, for example, can not smooth running various video formats.

If you have a relatively modern device with a fast processor, then some apps will help play video in various formats and helps display the text language translator (subtitle).

Here are 5 best video player application for Android.

1. RealPlayer

Real Player is a long time player in the industry of multimedia file player, which spread its wings in Android. Although not offering many features and enhanced video CODEC support, Real Payer has the ease of media management for music and videos eased.

2. MoboPlayer

MoboPlayer accommodate a complete video code. To play high-resolution video, back again on the strength of your processor.

3. VLC for Android Beta

VLC is also an old player in the industry of multimedia file player. However, he could say late entry into the realm of Android. Although the Beta status is still attached, VLC on Android has been able to help you set the aspect ratio.

4. Dice Player

Dice Player includes a video player that can play various video formats. Uniquely, this application offers features pop-up play so you can play videos on the main menu screen. So you can watch the video while surfing the internet or other activities.

5. VPlayer

The most interesting part of VPlayer is the integration of hardware accelerated video playback, which supports high-resolution video playback MKV and AVI format, as well as 1080p video decoding.

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