3 Important Things to Virtualization

Not long ago we held a Symantec Virtualization Day 2012 in Thailand. The event was quite successful, and the number of decision makers and holders of the strategic position of IT professionals who come with the high interest in Virtualization and awareness of the benefits of Virtualization.

In addition to about efficiency and cost savings, customers we spoke to mention things like durability and increased reliability of their data centers as one of the motivations do Virtualization.

This happens in the business without stopping is something that must be owned by a company, on the one hand, IT budgets are not growing but needs to continue to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days per year.

Virtualization Make Big Changes
According to IDC, one of the two big companies have been doing Virtualization in their environments. With such a large adoption of Virtualization technology, we may assume there will be many companies that also make the shift from the core and critical applications in virtualized environments.

But it turns out, the survey found only 41 percent of companies are doing Virtualization in critical applications. What factors are responsible for this?
In a virtualized environment, the availability is an exciting challenge because of the variety of applications running on virtual machines are different, but being in a same physical server. Risk availability of public infrastructure, including storage, networking and power, but there are also requirements for Virtualization to ensure all virtual machines can be maintained.

The problem is, only a few technologies that can provide visibility to effectively manage high availability at the application level. It inhibits the ability of the organization to set priorities for the ongoing application and the most important and critical to the business. Furthermore, a high-availability solution in a virtual environment should be able to provide security at the application level without disturbing the benefits of Virtualization such as the ease of realization, rapid procurement and migration of virtual machines.

Building the foundation for a Tough Business Services
As the company moves into the next phase of virtualization and beyond it up to private and hybrid cloud, IT organizations will be measured not just a matter of time availability (uptime) of a database or application, but from the availability of business services they provide.

The new count, thus, requires a more holistic view on the availability and the solutions that can generate a strong business services.
This is the same for data center infrastructure that includes physical, virtual environments, private cloud or hybrid, as well as those using mixed architecture.

Companies should consider the following when reviewing high-availability solutions for virtualized environments:

1. Since one of the major causes of cessation of service is a failure application, it is very important for a high-availability solution that could provide high visibility into application health. In this context, the solution must be able to provide typical management tasks for each application, including power on / off as well as the availability of other capabilities such as application monitoring and restart, without losing the benefits of Virtualization.

2. Look further away from the traditional cluster technology for solutions that can perform self recovery from a variety of applications spread across multiple operating systems and across physical and virtual infrastructure.

3. Consider disaster recovery capabilities from application point of view as a key requirement for high availability solutions. It’s not just about moving data from point A to point B – an effective solution must be able to automate application recovery Disaster Recovery Center location.
Global business moves faster and faster, and does not seem to be slowing down, business resilience and sustainability will always be at the top of the agenda of IT. Symantec solution has been designed with the thought of Virtualization. We guarantee all customers can do Virtualization with ease and confidence, quicker recovery time needed and provide a virtual environment bulletproof.

About the author: Eric Hoh is the Vice President, Asia South Region, Symantec

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