iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S5

September 14th, 2014

s vs i

We already know that iPhone6 has been launched by Apple. Apple products have a high prestige. However if you already know the advantages of the iPhone 6? Much consideration to choosing the best gadget for you. Choosing a Smartphone with Android or iOS platform.

In the Android platform itself, one of the Smartphones that you met with the iPhone 6 on the market is the Samsung Galaxy S5. Both have disadvantages and advantages of each. How did you choose it? What criteria should you look? What is the battery endurance, design, usability, and how the quality of his camera.

This article might help you to choose the best gadgets for you:

  • Design

The second dimension of this Smartphone is almost identical, but both carrying a different screen size. the iPhone 6 has slightly smaller screen, 4.7-inch resolution 1334 x 750 pixel Retina display technology, while Galaxy 5.1-inch screen brings the S5 1920 x 1080 pixel Super AMOLED with material.

Apple makes the iPhone 6 body used metallic materials, while the S5 Galaxy still from plastic materials. In fact, Samsung has a line of Smartphone with body made of metal, namely Alpha Galaxy, but currently not yet available on the market. Galaxy S5 features a waterproof IP67 rating. That is, it can survive at depths of 1 meter under the water for 30 minutes. While even the exterior of the iPhone 6 designed resistances to splashes, but could not last that long in the water. Casing S5 has more options than the iPhone6.

  • Power and productivity

The Apple iPhone provides 6 new processor A8 64 bits, as well as processor M8 has been upgraded. Apple claims processor A8 can provide performance 50 percent firmer to compare iPhone 5.

Say No, III World War

September 14th, 2014

The war must be avoided; world peace is the dream of every people in the whole world. Lately we are seeing and hearing about the war in Syria, Gaza, this is very hurting heart, many of the victims were civilians and children who are innocent victims of the war. Maybe we still thought to be a result of World War II. How did this become a war of destruction from all areas of a country? Then what World War III will appear in this world. This is the task of all of us to prevent III World War is not going to happen. Create world peace; this will be a beauty in a country. Living with a peaceful and full of camaraderie will build the country.

A lot of information that you can get easily about the destruction caused by the war. Information about the war. Weapons, the news of countries that are at war. http://3world-war.su/is a website that provides information and news about the World War III. Here you can get a variety of unique news about war, the weaponry of war, a result of the war, and development after the war. This site is intended for those who have special attention to creating a world peace. Not easy indeed to create world peace, possibly with the presence of this site can move your conscience to become a pioneer in creating an atmosphere of peace.

Around the world would have wanted peace in his life, comfortable and secure in all its activities, the kids were grown with loving care. This will affect their lives to grow up to be a man with a conscience and love of peace. The war will produce children with cruel soul. Thus world peace should be realized immediately, aware that people who are hungry for the throne at the expense of the human soul, awake the country peacefully. The peace was really very beautiful.

Finally Apple Launched Prime Smartwatch

September 9th, 2014

iwatcholedAfter waiting long time, eventually the Smartwatch Apple now comes in the midst of competition Smartwatch. According to reliable sources, September 9, 2014, is the best day for Apple where there is the most news was heartening to Apple soon announces its inaugural smartwatch presence.

Have previously attended World gadget smartwatch by Samsung Galaxy production Gear, Sony or LG SmartWatch G Watch, issues regarding the presence of wearable Prime Apple already sounds old. Indeed, the action of the Apple is arguably ‘ steps ‘ loosing by a competitor’s predecessor. But big names from Apple, not to be a problem for Apple. Apple is ready to fight the Smartwatch competitor has been circulated earlier. By delivering advanced features and the beauty of the design.

From a variety of sources, then there is some kind of Apple that will be launched smartwatch.

1. iWatch or iTime?

iwatch460For information, the name of Apple iWatch wristwatch is not as often referred to during this time. A document shows Apple just got patent wearable gadget called iTime.

iTime Apple will support arm and wrist gesture as well as a sophisticated proximity sensor. Such a description is written on the patent documents. This patent was apparently already registered about three years ago, i.e., in July 2011. This patent includes sketchy watches with dock section for the media player.

iTime is equipped with an accelerometer, GPS receiver and haptic device that produces vibration. iTime can also operate in a wireless personal environment and interact with your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

But so far it is not known whether these watches later Apple will use the name iWatch or iTime. Apple itself had in fact already secured the use of the name iWatch in Asia and Latin America.

2. Two versions

Magento for Online Business

September 8th, 2014

Maybe you already know the term computer in magento, an ecommerce application that is already well known. Magento is open source software developed by including the source code. Magento is the ecommerce CMS system that is already popular among internet users. Many modules to maximize the functionality of this open-source. Magento features, product management, sales tracking, attribute, so this software very useful and multifunctional.

The Magento software is very easy to use because the software uses a template system to change display graphics from the site. Theme or template you can buy to give the feel of a more interesting site. Magento was created with a strong foundation in response to the complexity of the different wishes of the features expected by a wide circle of online business. The ease in operating this software is a major key the desired by the online business. Magento is very suitable for you who want to create an online store with many features a complete e-commerce.

Then where you can get this software easily, a site that is very experienced in providing magento at low prices. firebearstudio.com is the most appropriate place for you to buy, why? Due to the professionalism of our team to provide the best service for you. At an affordable price you can choose different magento software to suit your needs.



Learn Computer and Internet Threats

September 7th, 2014


The computer now has become a common noun and have become the primary needs for everyone, children, teenagers, and adults. In a few hours every day for sure you will work with a computer connected to the internet. Computers and the Internet have helped your work. The ease of finding information, perform various financial transactions, store or process data into something that is not too burdensome. But, despite its convenience, there are a variety of threats that can damage your computer or data either the PC or laptop. For that you have to see what the computer threats.

When you find your computer is not working as it should, for example, hangs, computer data sought is gone, the look is annoying when you’re working, you might have concluded that your computer is infected with a virus. There are actually a variety of threats that target as you work with your computer and the internet. These threats can damage data, computers, could even lose your important data.

Threats security is not just a virus. There may be a few terms that you have ever heard but still do not know what it means. These are a few explanations on things that could threaten your computer or take your important data.


This is a program that displays advertisements on your computer. Adware will generally use the resources of the computer, the computer runs slow as a result. There is also a type of adware that pops up as a pop-up that could interfere while you’re working.

Brute Force

Is an activity to break the password by combining numbers and letters in a sequence. Very dangerous if with this technique, a person who is not entitled to succeed knowing your password then abused. To resolve this problem, it’s good passwords used do not only consist of numbers and letters but also consists of symbols such as $, #, &, and more. Make a regular schedule for changing your password.

The Luxury of Android Samsung GALAXY Alpha, in Indonesia

September 4th, 2014

galaxy al

Indonesia is very proud to be a place for the launch of  luxury android Samsung GALAXY ALPHA. We are already very acquainted with Samsung products, besides the performance, the design is a very important thing for a Smartphone. Besides making mobile phones, unsightly beautiful design will also inspire its users. Puts a premium design and stylish, the Samsung GALAXY Alpha presence in Indonesia to lure users who crave designer exclusive alloy with Smartphone and advanced features.

Samsung GALAXY Alpha is a new Member of the family of Samsung GALAXY who seeks style and fashionable, ideal for those who need the features and performance of a sophisticated Smartphone, but also cares about the aesthetics and perfect design that supports the beauty in  style fashion them. A cross among a Smartphone with fashion has become the trend of the moment. So from that Galaxy Alpha it makes your dreams come true.

Samsung GALAXY Alpha itself is the first Samsung Smartphone with a sturdy metal frame and elegant. With a thickness of less than 7 mm, Alpha GALAXY is one of the thinnest in existence. For Indonesia, this phone will be available in 4 colors: Black, Gold, Silver, and White. The colors are very beautiful to fashion combined with you.

To enliven the Alpha GALAXY’s presence in Indonesia, in partnership with Samsung Plaza Indonesia by doing a series of exciting activities in the Plaza Indonesia; in among Photo Exhibition and men’s Fashion Week, which will be held in September 2014.

Samsung GALAXY Alpha will be sold at IDR 7.499.000 / USD 640-652 started September 2014. Samsung does deserve to get the best Smartphone predicates.

Function Keys on Computer Keyboard

August 29th, 2014


I can be sure that you are working with the computer. Computer devices have become a part of your job as a computer your work is very helpful. Allows you to finish your work well for typing, create reports, etc. for the program. However, the question for you is whether you have understood the function keys F1 through F12 than on your keyboard?

Computer keyboard or computer keyboard is often called computer hardware (hardware) which is useful as a means of data input to the computer. Without a keyboard, can be difficult if you want to do an activity related to the processing of data. Therefore, the computer keyboard into one of the most important tools in data processing computer.

Various keys on the keyboard of course have its own usefulness. You as the person running the computer (brain ware), would have to know the usefulness of each of the buttons that exist completely. The buttons are generally not known by most people are the F (function) keys F1 to F12.

F button can function with the key combination Ctrl, Shift, Alt, Windows Key, and can also work alone without doing the key combination. You need to know, the use of keys F1 through F12 can be influenced by the computer’s operating system, the software is opened, or the type of computer platform. Here is the function of each button F1 to F12 are common on the computer.

Function keys F1

• F1 key (no combination) allows you to bring up the help window screen (help) of all applications on the computer.

• Ctrl + F1 (no combination) allows you to gain access some kind of BIOS.

• Windows Key + F1 (combination) is useful to display the Microsoft Windows help and support center.

Oculus Rift in The News

August 29th, 2014

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Toyota Car Accessories

August 26th, 2014

Have a car from the hard work itself is a pride very valuable. Yes, an awful lot of people crave for owning a car. Then what will you do with your car? No doubt lots of you want to do, dress up your car with a variety of accessories and in accordance with your car. Toyota is a car brand that is already well known in the world, Toyota is famous for its toughness, strong and efficient fuel. Lots of accessories are purchased, obvesim.net/toyota/corolla/2007-2011/index.html is the most appropriate place to search for a variety of car accessories Toyota from a small to a large accessories like: carpet, window Visor, fog lights etc.

With beautiful accessories that will beautify and more robust appearance of your car. Do not ever hesitate to use accessories Toyota because the quality and beauty of the thing we are noticed. Indeed we are very concerned about the beauty of a car, because a car like your second home. Wherever you go this car will bring you to a destination, a place to work. The comforts of your driving are the most important thing. Clean car, filled with accessories that can support the comfort of your car will give the impression of luxury to your car; will certainly be the highest fascination among similar car without accessories.




Sharp AQUOS Crystal

August 20th, 2014

sharpCompetition Smartphone so fast, all the manufacturers are racing to create sophisticated Smartphone’s and full of features that can makes the user’s convenience. New comer from Sharp Aquos Crystal ready to fight with other brands.
We have seen many devices that claim to be free of the panel, crystal AQUOS comes to the most sophisticated approach is free from the panel. In fact, it feels much smaller in the hand than the 4.7-inch handset. Even small hands can easily reach the entire look; this is a glorious achievement of sharp. Sharp LCD expertise in building is not in doubt and very clear when you phone. The screen is bright, vibrant colors, and solid viewpoint. Sharp’s complaint is that the very high-gloss coating to produce reflections and glare.

Sharp and Sprint, it’s very easy to run customization. There is minimal bloat ware and only a very small UI tweaks. By using Android KitKat, you already know and love the added advantage of Sharp Aquos. There are some changes and additions Android UI. For example, swiping diagonally from the upper left corner will take a screenshot and save it to the clipboard with the corresponding URL for quick and easy sharing. You will also find Harman’s Clari-Fi in it, which is designed to improve the audio quality of compressed audio track, such as Spotify. Perhaps most important, it works on Sprint’s speedy Spark network.

AQUOS crystal will hit Sprint and sign sub prepaid immediately, even though we do not have the exact date yet. If you take it on Sprint, it will cost you $ 10 per month with a service pack, or you can get it for $ 150 from a boost or virgin. I hope this information can complement your knowledge about latest gadgets.