At Most Used ” Browsing ” , the iPad or Galaxy Tab ?

April 24th, 2014

Four years Apple launched the iPad tablet computer . Although continued to get a lot of competitors, but the iPad is still the tablet consumer choice in the North American region .

A new study from Chitika , prove , until April 2014 iPad still dominates 77.2 percent of website traffic that is accessed from the tablet to the North American region . The research was conducted by tracking online advertising network .

Although still dominant , but the acquisition of the iPad to be down about 4 percent compared to the same period last year .

Meanwhile , Samsung’s share of the tablet market , Galaxy Tab , in accessing the website grew to 8.3 percent in April 2014 , up from 4.7 percent in the same period last year .

This is the reason the Galaxy S5 Remain Faithful Use Plastic

April 24th, 2014

Criticism of premium Samsung Android smartphone, the Galaxy S from year to year is always the same , namely the view that seem cheap , because the use of plastic materials. Many who wanted the Samsung replace worn casing material.

Samsung is already responding to its users by adding complexion on the back cover of the Galaxy Note 3 , and makes the design of the back cover of the Galaxy S5 which has a row of small basins .

However , it has not been able to add to the impression left in the line of Samsung’s flagship smartphone .

For Samsung itself , the plastic material used in casing also means cheap production costs , so profit margins can be huge . However , whether permanently Samsung will maintain the plastic material ?

Tips to Clean Junk Files on Android

April 23rd, 2014

One of the things that cause the Android smartphone running the command is slow in the remaining memory capacity is already tight , especially if a lot of applications pre-installed from the manufacturer .

There are several applications that can be used to clean the file ” junk ” in the smartphone so that the internal storage capacity becomes more relieved . Thus , the smartphone can run tasks faster without having to do the rooting .

Rooting an Android smartphone or tablet device does provide freedom which applications can run , or move it to an external memory . However , sometimes rooting also lead to missing the manufacturer warranty .

The solution , to make the internal storage becomes more spacious , is deleting files ” junk ” that are not used anymore , such as downloading files or cached data is stored .

BlackBerry Classic Ready to Present November

April 23rd, 2014

BlackBerry Q10

BlackBerry Q20 existence was first announced at MWC 2014 in Barcelona , last February . Today , BlackBerry CEO John Chen said it will release the device by the end of 2014.

” It (the BlackBerry Classic ) , will be out in November along with a server that helps customers in terms of device management , ” Chen said , as quoted by Phone Arena .

Classic BlackBerry OS itself is based BlackBerry 10 devices are equipped with features ” classic ” style BlackBerry, the QWERTY keyboard and touchpad , in addition to the 3.5 -inch touch screen .

There is also a function button long disappeared but returned on BlackBerry Chen Classic because it is considered as something that turned out to be missed by BlackBerry users .

BlackBerry QWERTY Classic is the successor to the previous flagship of the company , BlackBerry Q10.

Burned Office, Samsung Services Got Distracted

April 23rd, 2014

There was an error in the smartphone , tablet , or Samsung’s Smart TV on Sunday ( 4/20/2014 ) ago? Most owners of Samsung gadgets in various parts of the world are also experiencing the same thing.

Today ‘s service – including Samsung’s main site – it had fallen . The reason is the large fires that hit the building owned by Samsung SDS in Gwacheon , South Korea .

As reported by Phone Arena , the fire began to be seen on Sunday afternoon ( South Korea time ) on the fourth floor of the building in question , where the Samsung store the data center for backup purposes .

As a result , Samsung services related to credit cards collapsed and displays an error message for a couple of hours before returning recovered about 19:15 pm South Korean time .

Free Ebooks Providers

April 23rd, 2014

Nowadays, the increasing popularity of the digital world. Technology in the digital world is not only popular in the world of technology itself. Popularity explore the world of business, economics, and various other aspects. Billions of information can be accessed easily. The process of learning and knowledge transfer are sent and received quickly, accurately, and effectively.

When we rely on the world’s first print to get the latest information, at this time, the digital world also offers many more advantages. Regardless of competition between print and digital media, many of us who agree, read the information from the digital world more effectively than many sides.

The presence of the ebook into its own nuances for the community. Ebook or digital book can be downloaded directly on the internet, either paid or free. For the lovers of free ebooks, this is good news because we can read popular books even once without having to pay a dime.

Popular Forex Broker

April 22nd, 2014

Someone is trying to engage in forex trading, inevitably, he’ll meet with a time when the need to look for a forex broker. Well, it can be very easy, or vice versa. Well, how come? Can be easy if they just follow what appears on Google when searching ‘forex brokers’.

Instead, it would be very time-consuming when trying to look one by one, see the detail, and to compare one with the other brokers. Hmm… It should be like that, we should really know before making your choices. But what if in Google generate dozens or even hundreds of online forex broker?

Previously, forex broker is a party (a company or agency) which serves as an intermediary that bridges between the buyer and the seller. Of course, the broker will attract a fee / commission as the benefits and costs of their operations. With the broker so now we can participate in trading in the forex market, which previously dominated by large institutions such as the state or central banks.

The Right Way To “Charge ” Smartphone

April 22nd, 2014

Smartphones can be used to do many things , from checking e – mail , read the news , take pictures , until the activity with a variety of social media and instant messaging . Unfortunately , with a lot of the functionality, battery life is still an obstacle .
Average smartphones today have 4-5 hours of wear time if used intensely . Surely the time is not enough to accompany its activity a day . Here are some tips to charge the smartphone is good and right so that the battery can be long-lived .

Do not be left totally exhausted

Many say that the smartphone should be left depleted battery before in -charge back . That is true , but it is only for batteries with nickel , which is now becoming obsolete , so the above advice is not relevant .

This is the ” Software ” Anti – tapping Used by Snowden

April 22nd, 2014

Edward Snowden to stir the whole world by leaking secret documents belonging to the National Security Agency ( NSA ) . U.S. intelligence intercepted the well-known experts . So, how Snowden obtain information without being tracked ?

Former NSA contractor was apparently using a special version of the Linux operating system named Tails . This OS is an open source software that is optimized anonymous developer -made to disguise its identity in the online world .

In it , as explained by Wired , there are a number of encryption and privacy -related tools , including Tor , an application that encodes the users of internet traffic routing through the computer network of volunteers around the world .

Tails can be contained entirely within the external media such as DVD and USB which can be used to boot the computer . Tails does not store data locally , and immune to spy program . Computers used did not leave a trace when examined at a later date .

Philips Release Android Phone with 5,300 mAh Battery

April 22nd, 2014

Modern high-performance smartphones tend to be greedy so wasteful battery power . One way to overcome this is to include a larger -capacity battery .

Some manufacturers also seeks to instill maximum battery in each device . After Eton Chinese vendors Thor issued cell phone battery 5000 mAh with some time ago , now turn to Philips do the same.

The battery capacity that European producers planted it on his Android phone W6618 even greater , reaching 5,300 mAh . As reported by Neowin , Philips W6618 battery capacity arguably the tablet class .

Some tablet devices , such as Google’s Nexus 7 , Acer Iconia W4 , and Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.4 Pro each would have a smaller battery capacity than the Philips smartphone .

With the jumbo -capacity battery , Philips W6618  could provide for 33 hours of talk time or standby time to 66 days .