Use Facebook and Yahoo , Quick Change ” Password ” !

April 17th, 2014

Following the discovery of a security hole called ” heartbleed ” , the internet service users are encouraged to change the password that is used for each service provider .

As reported by Mashable , Wednesday ( 09/04/2014 ) , a number of popular services , such as Yahoo , Gmail , and Facebook , follow affected .

Because of this bug , sensitive information such as passwords and credit card numbers are used user during the last two years can be obtained irresponsible people .

Unclear , internet sites which were being affected heartbleed . However , a number of big names in the world of online services , including Google , Yahoo , and Dropbox , also affected .

Most of the affected service name heartbleed can be seen in a list created on April 8 . Since the list was published , some service providers have been distributing security patches to patch the existing gap .

Lenovo 8 – Core Android

April 17th, 2014

Lenovo follows the trend of cheap Android smartphone with high specification with plans to launch the Golden Warrior S8 . This smartphone has a 8 core processor ( octa – core ) with a price tag that is very cheap , 130 dollars.

Lenovo’s leaked photo of the Golden Warrior S8 appeared in China , as reported by GSM Arena , Friday ( 11/04/2014 ) . Chinese -language website , , the first containing photos S8 also reported that the smartphone is Lenovo’s Octa Core processor made MediaTek will carry .

For a smartphone with a price of 130 dollars and assembled by Chinese manufacturer , the S8 has a feature that should not be underestimated . Lenovo includes a 5.3-inch screen made in Gorilla Glass scratch-resistant with a resolution of 720p .

Millions of Android  Infected ” Heartbleed ” , Here’s How to Inspect

April 17th, 2014

The discovery of security holes ” heartbleed ” the OpenSSL protocol makes tantrum internet universe . Because the bug that lets hackers steal sensitive data like passwords and this – PIN numbers , despite attacking the bulk – encrypted web sites around the world .

Impact ” heartbleed ” was spread to the realm of gadgets , which in this case Google warned that the Android operating system is used in 34 percent 4.1.x devices based on the platform .

That is , there are millions of Android gadgets are prone to hacker attacks because of suffering from a bug ” heartbleed ” . In addition , Marc Rogers . chief analyst at security firm Lookout Mobile , said that some version of Android 4.2.2 which has been modified by Google partners have also been found to have contracted a similar problem .

What is a Keylogger and its benefits?

April 17th, 2014

What is a keylogger? Keylogger is a program that is installed into a computer that can record all keyboard keystrokes including place and time presses button pusher. For more ordinary people have to install on my computer by installing this software keylogger indeed turns out to record keyboard keystrokes us. Even the software is also able to capture any activity that we do in a day.

Keylogger is a spy program, it will record all the activities that we do on computer and store all the information in the log files. Works by detecting a signal that we press the keyboard. The purpose of this program, for example, is used to monitor the activity of employees when working in an office, a computer monitor children at home, law enforcement and search for evidence of crimes.

Using driver monitoring to find auto insurance that is cheaper

March 31st, 2014

There’s a growing interest in usage-based auto insurance among car owner all over the country. In some areas there’s still a lack of such policies whereas in areas where this form of insurance is available more and more people are opting in to see what the fuss is all about. Many of those who try the new thing out tend to stick with it or opt in again after some time when comparing the costs. And if you’re a good driver from the insurance point of view you should definitely try one of those monitoring devices.

The concept is nothing new as it has been around for more than 15 years. The first insurance company to offer usage-based auto insurance was Progressive, which introduced a special device for its Houston customers that had to be installed by a professional to work. The device used a special diagnostic port, which is present in all cars manufactured after 1996. Several years later Progressive has introduced a new version of the device, which could be installed by the car owner and didn’t require any professional skills. And in 2010 the company introduced its Snapshot program, which is available in nearly all states Progressive operates in.

Specifications Nokia X

March 28th, 2014

Nokia X launched at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona , Spain , ( 24/2 ) . Smartphone Nokia X nokia this is the first phone that uses the Android system . REUTERS / Gustau Nacarino

Nokia X smart cell phone  finally officially launched . Nokia X be the first Nokia mobile phone equipped with Android operating system . Although using the Android operating system , the Nokia X can still run applications from Nokia and Microsoft Signature previously prevalent in Nokia smart phones .

Product Marketing Nokia , saying the phone is targeted to reach a variety of circles . Competitive price with complete features .

For a smart phone , low price can be said about U.S. $ 130 .

This is a number advantages offered by Nokia X. This phone has a sleek look with a screen size of 4 inches , and a thickness of 10.4 millimeters .

Finally , Microsoft Presents Office for iPad

March 28th, 2014

Rumors say Microsoft will provide an office suite of Office for Apple’s iPad tablet have been circulating since 2 years ago . Rumor has it proved not a figment , because Microsoft has officially launched Office for the iPad on Thursday ( 03/27/2014 ) in a press conference in San Francisco , Califonia , USA.

Office for iPad is available in the Apple App Store starting today . In it there are applications Word , Excel , and PowerPoint .

The application package can be downloaded free of charge to simply open / view documents and presentations . Meanwhile, if the user requires an application that can edit Office documents , then have to spend for Office 365 subscription fee that utilizes online data storage media .

Microsoft Request a Price Xbox One Pruned

March 27th, 2014

Popularity PlayStation 4 ( PS4 ) than Microsoft’s gaming console , Xbox One makes a number of store retailers in the United States slashed the sale price. Even Microsoft ‘s own retail stores lower the price to 450 dollars .

Retailer- large U.S. retailers like Target and Wal – Mart also reported The Wall Street Journal ( 3/25/2014 ) provide discounts for Xbox One of the original selling price is 500 U.S. dollars .

Amazon even rumored to slam the price of the Xbox One 399 dollars range , to rival the PS4 selling price of 400 U.S. dollars sold .

But soon the price posted by Amazon on its website to be replaced , so many thought it was a mistake . Amazon does not provide a response to the revision of the selling price of the Xbox One on its website .

Microsoft ” Freeing ” MS – DOS and Word for Windows

March 27th, 2014

Microsoft is working with the Computer History Museum made ​​the decision that the programmers never thought of before , removing the operating system MS -DOS and Word for Windows applications . Both can now be downloaded for free .

Program code ( source code ) to MS DOS 1.1 and 2.0 are available in the Computer History Museum website and can be downloaded for free . Meanwhile , Microsoft Word for Windows 1.1a is published by a non- commercial license , which prohibits users pass it on the internet .

Roy Levin , a programmer at Microsoft and Director of Microsoft Research , said Microsoft’s move to publicize the MS – ​​DOS and Word for Windows is as if to show the world that great things start from small things .

Creator Flappy Bird Prepare 3 New Games

March 26th, 2014

Still remember Flappy Bird , casual game that makes you addicted ? Finally the game Nguyen Ha Dong openly after missing more than a month since removing the game from the center of the mobile application .

Apparently, during the Nguyen is not hidden . He has not been cured to develop the game . Now , he has prepared some games with important notes .

In an interview with Rolling Stone , told the Sydney Morning Herald , Wednesday, March 12, 2014 , Nguyen admitted today to feel more calm and relieved .

He also said it would bring a new game again , but will be more careful with the opiate effects of the homemade games .

” I really consider it, ” said Nguyen answer is likely to make another sensational game on mobile devices .